Plastic Neon with Reese Isabella | Studio

The year is 2247 and Reese has developed superpowers. She has weaponized eyes, enabling her to decimate her enemies with a single look.

Okay, I kid. But this studio shoot felt like we were in the future. It was a blast working with two incredible professionals–Reese in front of the camera, and Kellie on the makeup.

I’m all about getting the most out of a shoot, especially when you have an excellent makeup, model, and wardrobe combo. I was happy with the different types of looks that came from this single shoot. Here are the highlights:

First up, macro beauty shots to showcase Kellie Corbett‘s makeup magic.

Behind the scenes of the setup: Two lights with barn doors on the backdrop, octa box key, umbrella fill. Let’s roll.

We had to pay an arm and a leg to hire these mannequins.
I added some bands to make the people dance. Because, why not?
Enemies roasted.
Things got a little weird.
Had to bust out the gels. Reese crushed this fierce look to match the feel of the lighting scenario.

Want a glimpse into how we captured this tomfoolery? Watch this behind the scenes vid:

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