Brooke and Elise Dancing With Flour

If you mix flour and studio lights together with incredible dancers you can bake up some pretty tasty moments on camera.

I’ve been wanting to do this shoot after I stumbled upon images from a similar shoot a few years back. It was such a blast! Brooke and Elise are incredibly talented on their feet. Their combination of grace and power was so cool to behold with flour flying all over the place.

Massive thanks to my wife, Mallory Hotmess, and Danielle Blevins for the assistance on this shoot. I absolutely could not have done it without y’all!

And bonus, I animated this one:

Want one of these on your wall? You can purchase prints here:

Comments (4)

  1. Susan

    WOW! Thank you for using your God given talent to make beautiful photographs. The dancers are amazing and you put it together to get absolutely marvelous art.
    Bless you.