Vessel Craft Coffee Cold Brew | Product Photography

Vessel Craft’s Cold Brew is rich and smooth–something I’ve been aiming for my entire life. Haha. This product shoot was tasty.

Cold Brew Concentrate is coffee brewed without heat over a long period of time. This slow extraction process, combined with the absence of heat, yields a coffee concentrate that is rich and smooth. It is 67% less acidic than traditional coffee that is brewed with heat.

My goal was for the image to reflect the drinking experience, so I opted for a smooth pour without any splashes, a dark background, and a lighting setup that felt luxurious. The image is a composite of nine images in six different lighting configurations. Here’s a little behind the scenes on the setup and pouring process:

A quick dive into the edit:

The final layers:

After all of that editing, these are the results. I delivered 10 different variations, including green gradient (to match the branding) and non-gradient versions, giving Vessel Craft plenty to work with on their marketing material.

If you’re in the Norfolk, VA area you gotta check Vessel Craft out. Cheers!

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  1. Angela Wismer

    Wow! So much time, effort, and skill went into this. The results make me want to buy this product right now. Sadly, I live in CA and can’t do so.