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Have you ever experienced a period of creative vomiting–a time when you open your mouth or put pad to pen and the magic just flows? I have. In those periods of creativity upchucking, I wasn’t necessarily writing pure gold, but there wasn’t a struggle to create. It just happened. There was an innate desire to produce and an ability to perform. It was almost involuntary. I spewed.


Anniversary Photos

Jordan Imhoff is a delightful human being. We met at school and over the years have become good friends. He recently graduated and within the last year or so became passionate about photography. When you look at his work you certainly can’t tell that he’s only been at it for such a short time—he lives and breathes the stuff.


The Art of Contentment

Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast? Perhaps, like me, you can get so caught up in craziness of life that you forget you are alive. It’s not hard to do. We live in a goal-driven society where each day exists as a to-do list. Productivity has become enshrined as the ultimate destination. For most of us, busyness is like water to a fish, we’ve never known any other way. The unspoken mantra seems to be if you’re not busy then you’re not living.


An Erie Thanksgiving

In what has become a yearly tradition, the wifey and I traversed 10 hours of the eastern U.S. in route to Erie, PA to spend Thanksgiving with the Risner’s. It should be known that the Risner family is simply delightful. From Pam’s unparalleled hospitality to Jack’s wit and thoughtfulness, the entire Risner family loves selflessly. They’ve never asked us for anything more than our company, which we give all too gladly. There’s so much I’m thankful for: life, love, family, friends, freedom… Life is good. As was our trip to Erie. We tried our best to hit up some local […]

Swing High Five

Regent University Commencement 2011

‘Tis that time of the year again when people wear square-shaped hats and celebrate. The weather was 100% perfect this past Saturday at Regent University‘s graduation ceremony. This day marked a new beginning for many of the friends I’ve grown to love. I wish them all the best with all of my heart. Go rock this, homies. Here are some shots I snagged from amongst the crowd:

Cup & Melody’s Wedding

This past weekend the wifey and I flew up to Washington state to attend my good friend Jacob “Cup” Kobernik‘s wedding. The bachelor party was a blast, complete with trampolining and loads of tom foolery. The rehearsal dinner was a delight as close friends and fam shared how much Cup and Melody meant to them. The wedding itself was very chill and a lot of fun. We stuck around for the super bowl and had a blast getting to know many new friends. Now, I am by no means a wedding photographer, but I was able to snag a few […]