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In Personal

By Jared


On 24, Jan 2014 | No Comments | In Personal | By Jared

Have you ever experienced a period of creative vomiting–a time when you open your mouth or put pad to pen and the magic just flows? I have. In those periods of creativity upchucking, I wasn’t necessarily writing pure gold, but there wasn’t a struggle to create. It just happened. There was an innate desire to produce and an ability to perform. It was almost involuntary. I spewed.

About 5 years ago I unwillingly went on a creativity sabbatical. Perhaps that’s what a full time job and grad school slapping you around like a rag doll will do to you. That’s what I kept telling myself until I had a realization–I have been imprisoning my creativity with unreasonable expectations.
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Personal Website Redesign

On 23, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Personal, Web Design | By Jared

My previous design for my website lasted for over two years. It had a good run. I made business cards to match. I had a good branding thing going. But I wanted to step it up a notch. I wanted a design that was responsive so that it would work on any size device, be it PC, tablet or mobile. I also wanted to maintain my branding (jb logo), color scheme (black, white, and blue), and simplicity of pages. But I wanted to include a fundamental change: base the site around projects. My life is focused on projects. I wear lots of different hats and tend to dabble in a wide variety of things. I wanted to be able to showcase my most recent projects on the homepage as well as all my best work in a categorized portfolio. Boom, it is finished:

I’ve also added some nifty features like the Disqus commenting system and a hidden drop down zone. Feel free to check it out on your iPad, iPhone, Droid, or whatever your preferred web browsing device happens to be and let me know what you think!

Anniversary Photos

On 21, Aug 2012 | No Comments | In Personal, Photography | By Jared

Jordan Imhoff is a delightful human being. We met at school and over the years have become good friends. He recently graduated and within the last year or so became passionate about photography. When you look at his work you certainly can’t tell that he’s only been at it for such a short time—he lives and breathes the stuff.

For further evidence of his legitimacy, look no further than a couple of shots he took of the wifey and I during our anniversary shoot. We’re delighted with the pix. Thanks Jordan! Read more…